Should YOU pick Altar Narratives? 

Lets be honest here, There are plenty of photographers who have established themselves in the Wedding Photography Industry, some who are better than us, some who do the similar output that we do at a higher/lower price which makes it next to impossible for you to pick one person/team. We don’t know if you should pick us, but, soon enough, you will find the answer to that yourself.




Prathibha & ALOK

A. M. A. Z. I. N. G.. The best choice we made for the wedding. Period!  I can't even pin point single negative thing. The team was amazing and nice. Also they were invisible and they never got in the way of anything and delivered such amazing photos. It's unbelievable!
What word(s) best describe how you feel about your images or their shooting style?: Batman style.. Haha.. In the sense you guys were there but no there if I make sense.. Thank you guys so much.. And thank you for giving us the best memories.


Initially we were a little hesitant about the entire idea of Candid photography as we are camera shy, but Soundarya & team were extremely friendly and accommodating to our schedule, they worked around the clock and even got familiar with our entire families. They made us feel comfortable in front of a camera and gave us such beautiful pics that we will cherish forever. Worth every penny!

Mallik_Naidile_Wedding_Coffee_Grove_Resort 37.jpg

Dolly_Karthik_Altar Narratives_Wedding_Portrait.jpg


Photos are a piece of art and the photographer an artist. That's how I view Altar Narratives. Be it my wedding photos and now my baby and family portrait. They have captured the most beautiful moment which takes me back to that day everytime I look at it .

Quality, timely, prompt, fantastic communication,an eye for detail, beautiful set up. As they are professionalisin in wedding pictures they gave me the best on my wedding day. A timeless piece of art I would say.

I would always go to Altar Narrative to capture the timeless moments that they would make stand still.

All the best to the team

Imagine this-  Ten years from now, you are returning home from a long, tiring/stressful work day. You walk in through your door, drop your baggage and look up at the 10 X 10 frame hanging on the wall of your living room -

OPTION  A : You will look at the frame and think it was just a random pose and an awkward moment, and slowly it will become just another frame on your wall.

OPTION B: You will look at that frame and remember the way you felt about each other, that frame will stand as a testament for you love, respect and commitment for each other. The people in the picture will remind you of the battles you’ve won, how far you’ve come and will make your children believe in the power of love.

You deserve to look at that frame and smile even without realizing or trying.

If you relate to Option B in this scenario, YAY!! Altar Narratives is the right fit for you.

Our work is a direct result of our passion, commitment & skill. Altar Narratives was built with passion & love and that is what drives us to produce great imagery.

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