Prathibha + Alok

On a quite Sunday morning, when the entire of Namma Bengaluru was recovering from Saturday nights, the festivities began to celebrate Monica finding Chandler, I mean, Prathibha finding Alok!!

P & A's wedding was the kind of wedding that would make your heart warm, stand in admiration and go 'Aweeee...' We love intimate weddings because they get to mix it up and have a fun wedding instead of just following traditions and we love it even more when the bride & groom and all of their squad all come together and join in on the celebration. 

While the wedding was a traditional Kannadiga wedding, the bride, her bridesmaids and the groom were all dressed in the traditional kerala style. Our favourite part of the wedding was that there were quite a number of surprises one of which has to be the moment when the Mangal sutra was tied, the Groom asked "So, we're officially married now" and gave his newly wedded wife an impromptu peck on the cheek.

The rest as they say, is for you to see with your own eyes