Niyanthri & Susheel

Niyanthri  & Susheel alias Nine & Sush's story is one that is straight out of a Kollywood/Tollywood movie. She's a Tamizh Girl & He's a Telugu boy and they met in Hyderabad in the Uni where she did her PG. Turning one of the complicated situations into a whirlwind romance Sush swept away Nini of the ground. They've been amazing friends, and took their friendship to a loving, committed and lasting relationship and have stood by each other in good time and the bad. 

The love that they share is evidently seen in all the pictures. Their wedding was a simple and elegant affair that personified Love & laughter and stood true to both Tamizh & Telugu cultures.

At Altar Narratives, we time & again prove that to create beautiful imagery we don't need fancy locations but clients who are willing to invest time with us on their big day and trust us to narrate their story and capture their big moments.

On that note, We would like to Thank our super funny, kind and amazing couple Niyanthri & Susheel and we wish them an Amazing Life Ahead ^_^