Weddings because...

I often get asked, Why weddings? and I started pondering over the question, why weddings? Why weddings when I am an advertising photographer, why weddings when I am a fashion photographer? 

The answer seemed so simple to me, I could literally spell it out for you, so here goes -

Weddings because, I believe in love.

Weddings because, I get to narrate their love story with my love (photography) 


Weddings because, We stop time, No! Quite literally, while the flowers, the decors may fade and people and memories become faint, its only those pictures and videos that remain to take you back in time.

Weddings because, we are the hidden spectators who preserve the delicate, beautiful moments that will not only decorate their walls, but also will instil their love and affection for each other, narrate their love story when their children look at it, will remind them of their love when they go through tough times by showing them how they felt about each other. 

Weddings because, I not only go as a photographer, but because I some times become a best man to the groom , a helping hand to various stylists prepping the bride, a  pain reliever for the parents, a friend  to the bridesmaids and the groomsmen, and a confidant to the couple.

But, mostly, weddings because, I love the way I can move people with my pictures.