Mallik + Naidile

Far Far away from the City of Bengaluru, the pollution and the sound of gazillion cars honking, was a beautiful coffee estate in which Mallik & Naidile grew up in. We've travelled to backwaters of Kerala, hills of Nilgiris, and the vast valleys of Amby to shoot weddings, but in this small town located on the foothills of Mullayanagiri Range has the best of all of the above, plus grrrrrrrreat coffee!  Mallik and Naidile's wedding commenced in the midst of a beautiful coffee plantation in Coffee Grove Resort, Chikmagalur. Our Bride, Groom and their entire families were extremely warm and welcoming, so welcoming the we almost didn't want to come back and step into our next shoot. The bride was camera shy and for the better or worse, it brought us some of the best wedding-documentary photographs we've shot.This is one set where we don't need words to describe the wedding, the pictures will speak for itself.