The Ultimate Guide to Mood Boards for the Bride-to-be 

Planning a Wedding? Meet your new best friend  - Mood Board! 

I often advise my brides to create a wedding moodboard and more often than not the response I get isWhat the hell is a "moodboard" ? 

Well, well, Let me enlighten you -

A Mood-board is a collection or sampling of images, text, and even other graphics (when you're making a digital mood board) which will help you and others visualise the idea. 

A mood board can also be used as a referencing tool, for e.g., I want to create a mood board for eye makeup, I can start collecting different types of techniques used in eye makeup like smokey eyes, halo eyes etc. 

Initially we used to do this all by hand, we used to search for images, save them, print them and cut them out on a huge chart or a board.

Thank God for Pinterest, we just skipped most of those steps. All you would need to do is to search for the pictures that you like and 'pin' it to your digital board.

I would suggest to create various boards for specific things, you can get as detailed as you like or for those lazy chicas keep it as simple as you want ;)


1. THE LOOK - You can pin your Hair & Makeup, your wedding gown/saree, accessories and *drumroll* shoes! You can put together various looks without physically having to shop them or exhaust yourself walking in and out of shops to get everything together. 

I know its your big day, and it is all about you! That is exactly why we need to get your bridesmaids and groomsmen on point so that they would compliment you and your mister!


2. WEDDIN THEME & DECOR - Lets face it, your inner bridezilla is glowing at the thought of having every detail planned and executed to perfection, Go nuts and put together your dream wedding on pintrest. Whether you actually execute it or not is secondary, but that satisfaction of putting together the board will lift your spirit and let you visualise your big day. 



3. WEDDIN PHOTO IDEAS -  This is my favourite part! You can find inspiration for your set from other wedding photos, fashion magazines, portraits, sketches and literally anything visual. You can get put in your pre/post wedding props list in here, the venues you want to shoot in, the must-have pictures and  if you want to be more prepared for your photo session, you can also search for posing and poses that you would like to try. 



4. INVITES/ RETURN GIFTS & STATIONARY - Do you have a minor OCD for beautiful fonts and matching stationary? You can try your hand at designing your wedding invites/ save the date cards with your own ideas, or if you're artistically challenged when it comes to drawing (like me!) you can always hire a freelance designer and bring your ideas to life.



5. PHOTOBOOTH IDEAS - Lets talk about the elephant in the room, this is a trend that is not leaving anytime soon, and the cherry on top - your guests will love it!
You can put in props that are quirky and fun to play around with, or aesthetically pleasing, or props that are personal to you both as a couple. This is also a sure and fun way to make sure you have pictures of all of your guests, a total Win-win.

Photo Booth_Wedding_moodboard

All that you need to do is, type in the keywords and pin away... Let the games begin!!!